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This form takes your web page and turns it into RSS 0.92.
RSSgenr8 is a hosted HTML to RSS Scraper Tool which dynamically generates a RSS feed from a HTML web page.
Changes to the web page are then automatically reflected in the RSS feed.

RSSgenr8 is based on RSSify from VoidStar.com but is much modified.
Acknowledgements also to Aaron Swartz who came up with the idea and the first implementation.

  1. Put <span class="rss-item"> ... </span> round each item in your page.
    In Blogger you'd do this by going to your template in blogger and changing
    <$BlogItemBody$> to <span class="rss-item"><$BlogItemBody$></span>
    And then publish something to re-create the page with the new template
  2. Then put the URL of your new and modified page into the form below.
  3. Check that what you get back looks like RSS.
  4. Now you can make a link to this file like "http://www.xmlhub.com/rssgenr8.php?pageurl=your_web_page_url"
  5. Finally add a link to it on your web page, using something like the XML image below.
  6. (As a condition of use, we ask you to show a visible HTML link to www.xmlhub.com on your site.)
This gif is freely copyable. Just right
click, save
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The URL of your web page:
Include a final "/" or a filename.

If your web server runs PHP, please download the source and run it on your own server. No configuration is needed - Just copy one file to the server.

Usage: http://www.xmlhub.com/rssgenr8.php?pageurl=your_web_page_url